Parks in Sunnyside, WA

Sunnyside, WA Parks

Sunnyside has more parks than any other small community in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy a picnic under a shady tree, beat the heat at the pool or stroll along one of the many walking paths.

  • Central Park
    Grant Ave & 5th St.

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  • Centennial Square
    Edison Ave & 6th St.

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  • Denny-Blaine Park
    Custer Ave & 7th St.

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  • Don Hughes Park
    Lincoln Ave & 1st St.

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  • Jerry Taylor Veterans’ Plaza
    Grant Ave & 9th St.

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  • Kiwanis Youth Park
    North Ave & 6th St.

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  • South Hill Park
    1st St., near South Hill Blvd.

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  • Tina Knoth Soccer Park
    401 Homer St.

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  • Upland Park
    Grandview Ave & Upland Dr.

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  • Veterans’ Park
    Edison Ave & 9th St.

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Featured Events

Sunnyside's Featured Events are Inspired by Our Rich Cultural and Farming Heritage